Welcome to The Sunshine Social Club!

At Sunshine Social Club, we want to provide our members with opportunities for growth in an environment that promotes relationship building and empowers them to take on the tasks of independent living.

About Us

We believe that Friends are the Sunshine of Life.
Through friendships, individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities can learn, gain confidence, and integrate more successfully within their local communities. We provide opportunities to create friends through small groups, events, and volunteer activities.

Upcoming Events


The best way to learn something, and remember it, is through a story. We have a lot of stories
to tell! Here are a few of our stories to show you not only what we do – but who we are.

Ways to Give


Volunteers are a crucial part of Sunshine Social Club. Without them we could not provide our many services or keep everything running smoothly. Volunteers are the arms, legs, and heart of our organization.


As a privately-funded organization, Sunshine Social Club depends on the kindness and support of community-minded individuals and companies.


From time to time we have specific needs, and those who may wish to make non-cash donations can contribute in this way.


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